About Pastor Choolwe

Pastor Choolwe, fondly referred to as ‘Pastor’ by the Envoys, is our man of God and the depiction of God’s goodness to us. He is the Founder and President of the Gospel Envoys, a ministry that has been in existence since July, 2009. This ministry which is headquartered in Lusaka, Zambia currently has ten branch churches across the nation of Zambia. The ministry also has a strong campus ministry with over 14 student fellowships and still growing.

He is a prolific minister of the gospel with multifaceted ministry giftings which have been the channel God has used to give thousands salvation, purpose and a total experience of the divine life in Christ. By this, many lives have been made a Story of Good News. He is a diligent teacher and mentor who has raised and is still raising notable ministers of the gospel who replicate this grace everywhere they go.

As a member and partner of the ministry, you have the unique opportunity to walk in the grace of God at work in his life and calling which manifests in many virtues.

He is the host of our flagship program the Night of Destiny through which many are aligned to God’s purpose for their lives. Pastor Mark is married and they have three sons by the names of Yasha, Christian and Lubono.